MDIS - MCS-DCS Interface Standardization

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The MCS-DCS Interface Standardization (MDIS) is an international joint industry network group whose main mission is to optimize the MCS and DCS interface of topside systems in oil and gas production. MDIS defines and establishes a standard for the interface, in order to simplify implementation of data communication links, whilst increasing the data quality.
MDIS selected OPC UA based on several requirements. Here is a sample of the requirements:

  • MDIS Vendor Support
  • Communication Integrity
  • Robust Test Tool
  • Communication Integrity
  • Reliable Implementation
  • Redundancy and Robustness
  • Independent Organization Support

The MDIS companion standard includes information models to represent the common pieces of subsea equipment, such as valves, choke valves, instruments and discrete IO to name a few.