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The OPC UA companion specification for Sercos describes the mapping of Sercos to OPC UA so that the functionality of Sercos devices is made available and accessible via OPC UA in a vendor-independent way. The access to process and machine related information facilitates the efficient and flexible use of the manufacturing resources which is also a key target of Industry 4.0. Application scenarios cover a broad range from device and network configuration up to energy management and preventive maintenance. .br The specified OPC UA mapping for Sercos is based on an extension of an OPC UA server. Therefore, it can be used for different implementation approaches.

  • The OPC UA server functionality can be implemented in a Sercos master device (e.g. CNC or PLC). This device is acting as a gateway to map the OPC UA service requests to Sercos services and vice versa. Access to the Sercos parameters in a Sercos slave device is provided by cyclic and acyclic services of the Sercos real-time channel, or by means of the S/IP protocol which provides IP-based access to all Sercos parameters even the Sercos real-time communication is not enabled.
  • The OPC UA server functionality can also be implemented in a Sercos slave device. In this case, the OPC UA protocol is transmitted in the so-called Unified Communication (UC) channel of Sercos which is available in parallel to the Sercos real-time communication and even in the case that the Sercos real-time communication is not enabled.

SERCOS Capabilities



Discovery ID: SERCOS

Understand and support the OPC UA for Sercos Information Model. This includes all mapping rules.

Usage Considerations

  • Visualization: Providing information for human-machine interfaces or operator panels.
  • Monitoring: Providing information for energy, condition and process monitoring, network status.
  • Diagnosis: Providing context-sensitive diagnosis information for operators and service personnel.
  • Engineering: Device parameter browsing, device parametrization, controller optimization, network configuration

Conformance Testing

Client Server
  • BaseDevice_Client_Facet