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Support the Alarm information model and the notification mechanisms about the Alarm state. . It also include a complete information model for management of the transition between various states by an alarm, such as shelving, acknowledgement, confirmation and the addition of comments The alarm model includes support for either or both an exclusive or nonexclusive alarm state model. In the exclusive state model, only one sub-state can be active at a time while in the non-exclusive state model more than one sub-state can be active at a tim.e
The Alarm model build on the condition model and provide all aspects of the condition model.

Usage Considerations
Indicate areas of the process that require immediate attention. Areas of interest include (but are not limited to); safety limits of equipment, event detection, and abnormal situations. In addition to operators, other client applications may collect and record alarm information for later audit or correlation with other historical data.

Conformance Testing

Client Server