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All Servers have to support a discovery endpoint that provides Clients the following usages:

  • Locate Servers on the local host (Local Discovery): Clients can detect and choose end points of OPC UA servers located on the local host.
  • Locate Servers on a known remote host (Remote Discovery): This is for clients that know the name of the remote target host. Clients can use the host address to discover the Servers on this remote host.


Clients may be pre-configured by some out-of-band mechanism. Without pre-configuration, Clients have to support the following discovery mechanisms:

  • Allow manual entry of a DiscoveryUrl.
  • Use FindServers Service to obtain the DiscoveryUrls of Servers on the local or a remote host.
  • Use FindServersOnNetwork to obtain the DiscoveryUrls of Servers on the same multicast Subnet.
  • Discover a Server's Endpoint using the Server's DiscoveryUrl.