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Global discovery is useful for large systems with multiple servers on multiple subnets. It requirs an enterprise wide DiscoveryServer called a Global Discovery Server. The Global Discovery Server (GDS) is an OPC UA Server which provides the Methods to search for Servers in the enterprise.
All GDS implementations have to provide the standard global discovery information model. It is therefore transparent for Clients that support global discovery which commercial GDS is installed in a plant.

Usage Considerations

  • Enables a Client to find OPC UA Servers within an enterprise.
  • Clients can search with a capability filter to lookup the appropriate Servers.
  • It will be common that a GDS also supplies global certificate and trust list management for the OPC UA application it manages.
  • One or more Global Discovery servers can be used to maintain discovery information of installed OPC UA applications.
  • Requires a commercial Global Discovery Server (GDS)

Conformance Testing

Client Server

Clients shall support the Conformance Unit Discovery Client Find Servers in GDS that is part of the Discovery Client Facet.