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The OPC UA Services and the Address Space Model form the core functionality of every OPC UA application. Still, not all Services and not all facets of information modelling are needed by every application. Following are the minimum required elements.

Connect Services

Support or use the Services

  • to create a Secure Channel.
  • to open and close a Session.
  • to keep a Session alive by using periodic requests.

Usage Considerations

  • Server and Client identify and authenticate each other.
  • A connection is established where requests and responses can be efficiently exchanged.

Address Space

The set of Objects and related information that a Server makes available to Clients is exposed as its AddressSpace.

  • The Objects and their components are represented as a set of Nodes and interconnected by References.
  • The Address Space is built according to the rules of the Address Space model.
  • The Address Space includes the standardized entry points (e.g., Objects, Types).
  • The Address Space includes the Server Object including all mandatory components.

Support or use the Services

  • to navigate through the Server Address Space.
  • to read or write Attributes of Nodes in the Address Space.

Usage Considerations

  • Exchange of Objects, both meta data and instance data.