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Connect Services

Support or use the Services

  • to create a Secure Channel.
  • to open and close a Session.
  • to keep a Session alive by using periodic requests.

Usage Considerations

  • Server and Client identify and authenticate each other.
  • A connection is established where requests and responses can be efficiently exchanged.

Address Space

The set of Objects and related information that a Server makes available to Clients is exposed as its AddressSpace.

  • The Objects and their components are represented as a set of Nodes and interconnected by References.
  • The Address Space is built according to the rules of the Address Space model.
  • The Address Space includes the standardized entry points (e.g., Objects, Types).
  • The Address Space includes the Server Object including all mandatory components.

Support or use the Services

  • to navigate through the Server Address Space.
  • to read or write Attributes of Nodes in the Address Space.

Usage Considerations

  • Exchange of Objects, both meta data and instance data.